Ompany Analysis, Prefarabily Inc.”

This is an individual assignment primarily concerned with assessing your understanding of and ability to analyse financial accounting reports.

i?? Choose a company of your choice.
i?? Analyse the financial position and performance of the business and comment using the techniques learnt in class including ratio analysis. You need to calculate a minimum of 10 ratios. These ratios must cover profitability, solvency, gearing and activity/efficient.
The number of exhibits/attachments must not exceed 5.

Writing the report
A report should convey information in the most succinct form possible, so as to inform the reader in a time-effective way. It should summarise your findings in a concise style, and should not use slang or informal phrases. You should use the word spell-check and grammar-check facility.

The report should include:
i?? A title page
i?? A contents page, listing the different section, with page numbers, preferably using word table layout
i?? An introduction, to explain the reportas objective, and the methods used to compile it,
i?? The body of the report, subdivided into logical sections. This should summarise and discuss the findings and should include references as appropriate.
i?? A conclusion, which sums up your findings in a concise way.

Using 3 to 4 years Data also showing the Formular used.