Ompany Analysis Thomann online retailer

In your assignment, it is your task to analyze the business model of Thomann online retailer, evaluate it, and present your results. In order to help you, there is a table to structure your data collection provided and a form for evaluation of your company. Based on this, it is your task to write a systematic report about the thomann analysis. This report should be 6 pages long and use the following structure:
I. Business model of your company (5 pages)
II. Reflection of the exercise (1 page)
In the first part, you are required to provide a structured report on Thomannas business model. In the second part, you should reflect on the process of collecting the necessary data and analyzing it, on the difficulties you encountered, and on what this tells you about strategic analysis in reality.
This is a very practical assignment! Therefore, you are not required to follow scientific guidelines nor use scientific sources. However, it is essential that you work in a very structured manner and document your work. Also, you have to list all sources you used, but they do not have to be academic. Practice oriented reports, websites, blogs, and newspaper articles are fine, if they come from credible sources. The material can be in any language. Look for the companyas balance sheet and profit and loss statement. Interviews with company representatives or industry experts may be conducted and could be an important source of additional information but are by no means obligatory.
Some online retailers are not independent a?born onlinea? retailers, but divisions of other a?brick-and-mortara? retailers, catalog retailers, or brand manufacturers. In the latter cases, it is important that you collect your information just on the online retailer division and not the entire corporation.
A website is not the same as an online retailer! Some online retailers operate several websites to sell their products. This includes using separate websites for different countries by changing the country domain or slightly adapting the websiteas name. For example Carrefour uses websites such as and Other firms use completely different websites to sell their products. For example Otto sells via and but also via and In case your online retailer uses more than one website, focus on the website which represents the dominant European market for the online retailer when answering questions about the website. For example, use and for Carrefour and Otto. For companies from outside of Europe like Amazon, use the most important European website i.e.,