Ompany Analysis & Valuation Group Assignment Overview Daimler AG”

You need to do part 3 and part 4 only Please also find attachments attached.

Company name is Daimler AG they own Mercedes

Part 3. Comment on the companyas growth model
i · How the company enters into the new markets or product segments (via
organic growth, e.g. creating own business or via buying other companies
(mergers and acquisitions, M&A)
i · If the company did any interesting deals during the recent time, you can
give some information on them
Part 4. Comment on the companyas strategy
i · Is the company developing new products and how they would influence companyas revenues/market share and overall competitive position in the industry (this is related to the industry overview in part 1)
i · Is the company planning to enter new markets locally or globally?
i · Look for any information related to funding, e.g. issue of new bonds, issue of additional shares, planned increase/decrease of proportion of debt in
the capital structure

Referencing Requirements:
1. Company web-site (Annual reports, press-releases, news)
2. Bloomberg database
3. Reuters database, as well as Reuters web-site
4. Wall Street Journal
5. Financial Times