Ompany game called it any name by your choice”

important informations :

you will be required to:
1. prepare a case study based upon Business simulation that will be introduced in the second week of classes and will run through most of the first term
(40% of the mark)

2. set three question to be answered in respect of the case and to provide analytical answers to the question;
(50% of the mark)

3. present an action plan; and
4. reflect on what you have learned from the exercise.
(10% of the mark)
The maximum word length is 4000 words.

It is like game & in this game (company) my team was team 2 , we had 7 quarters to sailing our products ( agricultural & Horticultural )
the seasons for sailing are in quarters (period) 2,3,6 and 7
the team who winner was team 3 ( required why they win ? )
the results for quarters (periods) are in attached files
period 1 the first page of results
p.1 the second page
p.1_R the result for all teams
period 2 , p2 , p2_R the same meaning but in the second quarter
& . Etc
there is file in attached files called Examplethis file could help you to know how can you write but please dont copy it in your writing because this example given by the tutor .
Market Information :
( you should to talk about it )
Selling price .
How can they effect by
Salesmen initially cost 2500 pounds per Quarter and any increase above the number employed in period 1 must be trained.
. Training salesman initially costs 1500 pounds .
Advertising initial costs 5000 pounds per unit
books , journals , article , websites