Ompany is on Marriott International and how they market to consumers on the internet

The following are the paper instructions:

Company Analysis
Analyze a companyas online strategies.

Select a company with a large online presence and one that is fairly well known so you can find articles written about its internet strategies and not have to rely solely on its Website. Also look for press releases on the firmas site to gain a greater understanding of their business practices, vision, projects, goals etc.

Turn in a written report of your findings (5 Pages Maximum)
- Use citations where appropriate and include a References page
- Citations and References page must be APA style

Part 1 Overview: Website Characteristics & Marketing Implications
a? Introduction a what firm youare analyzing and why
a? Overall Website Analysis
a? Web and other online content (such as mobile content)
a? Website design, layout and usability features
a? Content such as multimedia, user engagement and/or interactive features
Part 2 Benefit, Cost & Value Creation a The Marketing Mix
a? Does site create a positive customer experience?
a? What are the benefits and costs for consumers?
a? Internet marketing mix (4Pas)
a? Customer relationship management features
Part 3 Consumer Characteristics
a? Market segments served/courted
a? Offline versus online customer characteristics (any differences)
Part 4 Branding Strategy
a? Brand positioning
a? Branding and consistency (online/offline branding)
a? Could this site pass the a?Smash Testa??
Part 5 Other Website Analysis
a? Other company owned sites (e.g., sites for other brands or microsites)
a? Social Media Usage or Non-usage (Describe the level of social media usage and the content found on the firm/brandas social media page. Also discuss why you believe the firm is using this level of social media and if they should be utilizing it more/less).
Part 6 Business Model(s)
a? Business pyramid model (What level of activity i.e. Pureplay, Enterprise etc.)
a? Specific e-business model(s) used
a? Customer value (products, price)
a? Revenue stream sources (ties in with business model(s), but may include more details and/or other revenue sources besides website)
Part 7 E-Marketing Metrics
a? Site objectives (What you believe them to be i.e. Generate sales, Build brand image/awareness etc.)
a? Types of Metrics that are likely used at this site
Part 8 Other Analysis
a? Performa a SWOT Analysis (*Note a make SWOT 1 slide in PPs)
a? List the firmas 3 main competitors and how it is able to compete with them (i.e. what does it do to set itself apart from them)
Part 9 Conclusion and Outlook
a? Overall evaluation of the companyas online properties (Give a grade of A through F)
a? Recommendations for improving the business model or opportunities

*Donat forget to cite your sources of information (including the textbooks).
*Also it is a very good idea to use the above chart as a way to organize your paper, using the main parts as headings and the bullet points as subheadings as needed.