Ompany Law ( need a writer from whose number is 19578 and name is Maryam)

Need a good grip on Company Law and 2006 Act and all issues should be dealt within the Company Law. Word limit is 15% flexible. Appropriate use of foot notes, case law should be in alphabetically order and fully cited, if using any quote then must add page number. Case law and quotes must be from judgements and if appropriate must apply legal principal. Harvard referencing should be used.

Good coverage of all obvious issues with the help of excellent statement of the law in the problem question by dealing with every character and giving it its due share. Issue should be dealt with subtle approach by properly recognizing and applying good application of case law, statues and legislation where needed. Authorities followed by the leading cases mostly in regard to UK law should be used. Analytically access the problem with alternative outcomes is a plus point. Excellent referencing and research is needed to highlight the issues in the all areas of the question.