Ompany: Merck Operational Problem: Withdrawal of drug Vioxx 2004

This assignment is a practical exercise. You have been asked to assess one of the operational problems that the company has experienced and advise the senior manager that you are working for at the company (the General Operations Manager or GOP) as to the root causes of it. You should submit a report for the GOP of no more than 3 pages (1500 words) including references.

You can use the sources below.
Source 1: t/infamous-business-disasters/
Source2: FT
Source 3: Economist

I already sent 100 word description of chosen operational problem.

Vioxx is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug produced by Merck, ranked among the worldas leading pharmaceutical companies. It was invented in order to treat osteoarthritis, acute pain conditions, and dysmenorrhea, but has been withdrawn from the market over safety concerns. The main issue with this drug is that the company withheld the information that drug was increasing risk by 35% of getting the heart attacks and stroke associated with long-term and high-dosage use. In the result, there were around 100,000 cases when people who were taking those drugs got serious heart diseases.

So probably the problem that I want you to write about is that the company did not provide customers and doctors with full information about this drugs.