Ompany Motivational Profile Paper and Presentation

Company Motivational Profile Paper and Presentation
I need 2 slide PowerPoint, supported by a 450 word paper, using a minimum of 2 sources other than the course text, discussing the motivational strategies of a successful, cutting-edge corporation (Southwest Airline).

This is the course text: (Reeve, J. (2009). Understanding motivation and emotion. (5th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley)
3. Motivational strategies identify in your paper which of the following strategies Southwest Airline uses to motivate employees
a. Employee empowerment
b. Selection and training
e. Quality programs
i. Job design

This is a team assignment therefore I do not need an introduction or a conclusion. The 450 words need to identify the four sections above. Please provide sub-titles for each section. Include footnotes for the 2 slide Power Point supporting the profile paper. Thank you!!!