Ompany Profile and Benchmark Assignment (Memo)

FIN 410
Spring 2015
Company Profile/Benchmark Assignment
Purpose of the Assignment:
a?Demonstrate that you understand the business strategy of Marine Max (ticker symbol: HZO)
a?Recommend a benchmark company tobe used as part of a DuPont analysis of Marine Max
a?Write an effective business document
a?Dr. ...... , hiring manager
a?Role play a you are applying for a consultant position at Marine Max and part of the application process is for you to show the hiring manager that you understand the company, can identify appropriate benchmarks, and can communicate effectively.
a?Professional business memo
a?Research the company using appropriate sources -A­a?
all sources used must be identified in a
References page and cited correctly within the body of the memo
a?Use the Memo template provided and replace the descriptions in [ ] with your work
o Identify the primary NAICS code for both Marine Max and your chosen
o Provide a description of each company in your words, with proper citations
o The description should include things such as types of products, types of customers, business model, size, etc.
o Be sure to provide data or information for each company that you used to help you choose the benchmark company
o Justify your choice of the benchmark company
a? Additional formatting comments
o Maximum of one page for the memo with references on the second page
o Single spaced with margins and font size as provided in the memo
a? Purdue OWL provides information on APA style references and citations as well as on writing business documents such as memos
o A link to the APA section is available on Blackboard
o You can go to
Professional, technical writing in the subject specific writing area for
information on business documents
a? Academic integrity
be sure to follow the requirements in the UT Academic
Integrity policy as well as the requirements I provided in the First Day Handouts
Sample Reference
for Mergent:
Mergent. (2014).
Dickas Sporting Goods
As Reported
Annual Balance Sheets 2012, 2013, 2014
. (Data
file). Retrieved from
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Here is the Memo Template i need to be filled when doing the assignment, please let me know if there is anything, thanks a much.