Ompany profile paper (w/abstract and citation page)

complete a 5 page paper describing a major corporation. It must be a large, publicly traded company…no non-profits or government agenices. The five pages do not include the title page, abstract or the reference page. There must be 5 pages of research. 10 points will be deducted if there are not 5 solid pages of research. The student will document such important topics as the companys mission statement, vision, strategy and business unit structure. Financial data on how well the company is doing in terms of profits, sales, and market positioning will help enhance your paper. Discuss the specific recommendations you make to the organization about conducting business in the global community. Recommendations are the key element I am looking for in this project. You must have at least 3 solid recommendations for your project company. If you can not think of anything that your company needs to do to improve, please select another company. Through this project, students will demonstrate the ability to research, organize, and communicate effectively. The font should be Times New Roman size 12.

I do not want to see a Historyreport of the company. No more than 2 paragraphs on the history. There should be at least 4 sentences per paragraph.

Cite all relevant sources. You should use at least three different websites. Please include more information than just the URL for the website you have used. Points will be deducted based on the lack of data shown in your references. The paper should be in apa format. Grammar and spelling play an important role in your paper. Running a spelling and grammar checker should help. An outline of the paper will be required and submitted as an assignment.

Information can be gained in a variety of ways. The company can be researched through various documents, including annual reports, 10K reports, stockbrokers Standard & Poors ratings, and news articles.

Students should make the internet a key source of information. The web sites of World Trade Centers and Commerce Departments will be helpful. Please use more than just the companys website to validate your findings.

If a large company is chosen, it is advisable to examine one of its divisions rather than the entire firm. Otherwise the analysis will be too unwieldy. Students should secure information early in order to assess the companys purpose, mission, and organizational structure.