Ompany Report :LVMH Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy

The power point presentation is based on the research of the company(LVMH). No Title slide necessary, a reference slide is necessary.
The information should identify and include:

i § History of company, included year founded
i § Subsidiaries (other companies, your company owns)
i § Companyas mission statement, if they have one
i § Earnings/Financial Data over the last 5 years
i § Management Philosophy
i § Employees (# of number)
i § Products they sell, and/or market to consumers
i § Does your company have a shipping and/or distribution center, and if so where are they located?
i § All NAICSas or SICs for your company
i § Details about their stock, if they are a public company, if they are a private company, do they sell shares of stock
i § List all officers and their titles, in order of their rank for your company
(This is to be done in a clear concise table format encompassing no more than A? a page)
i § If they have a web site, print it, and include it, please note you cannot count these as pages toward the 8-10 page count
i § Employment Opportunities/Training
i § Future Goals and Objectives for your company