Ompany Research Australain Stock Exchange

Assignment Outline:
This assignment will introduce students to various concepts related to the share [or stock] market, with particular emphasis on the Australian Stock Exchange.
A general outline of the requirements of this assignment follows:

Company Research Assignment
There are about 2,000 companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Pick one company to research and answer the assignment questions below. To assist you in answering the questions, use the ASX website at:
By completing this assignment you will learn
i?¶ What your chosen company does.
i?¶ How the companyas share price has performed.
i?¶ How to check the performance of a particular sector of the market.
i?¶ How to check important company announcements and whether your company is going to pay a dividend in the future.

Assignment Questions: (need to be answered as explained below)

1. What does the company do?
2. When did the company first become a listed company?
3.(a) Describe the general trend in the companyas share price over the last twelve months.
3.(b) Describe the general trend in the ASX General Index in the last twelve months.
3.(c) Describe the performance of this companyas share price compared to the ASX General Index over the last twelve months.
4. Check the companyas last announcement to the market and describe why you think it might have been important for the company to make that announcement. If you think the most recent announcement wasnat significant, pick an earlier announcement you think was significant. Explain why you think the announcement was significant.
5. Is your company due to pay a dividend in the future and if so how much?
6. What market sector does your company belong to? Look for the GICS industry group. GICS stands for the Global Industry Classification Standard.
7. Now that you know the sector your company belongs to, write a brief paragraph about how this sector of the market has performed over the last 12 months. You will need to look at some charts to answer this question. How has this sector performed compared to the market as a whole? Can you think of any significant events that might have affected performance? For example, commodity prices, natural events affecting costs or demand, new technology breakthroughs, etc.
To help answer these assignment questions, use the navigation area on the left of the ASX home page at http://au. Most of the information you will need can be found from the Market Information page.

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