Ompany (Ryanair) strategic Analysis. course:ba international travel and tourism communication year 3.

research the company and carry out a detailed response to the following questions:
a) An analyses of the industrys (Ryanair)current and future macro enviromnet, clearly identifying the major factors for change. (site the micro aspect that will effect (ryanair)the company)
b) The companys (Ryanair) current position within the competitive marketplace both in the UK and abroad including the strategy currently adopted. (where the company is positioned in the market share, is it a leader?)is it porters generic strategy? five force? bowman strategy?).
c) A critical evaluation of the strategic options available to your chosen organisation (ryanair).(Ansoff matrix or swot analyses? a table explaining enflation, growth. evidence of mintel 2011.)

d) Make detailed recommendations as to the options (s) the organisation (ryanair) should pursue with clear and unambiguous justification of your choice.(if is one option to go to different markets, how will it expand to new markets? do they have the leadership and the skills to do that?).

please the work must be well analysed, and well presented.