Ompany specific CSR issues paper Home Depot

Company-Specific CSR Issues Paper
Company chosen: Home Depot

Each student should choose an issue that a business is facing that is currently in the news and evolvingone that has not been resolved yet, and choose one company that you will examine for the purposes of this assignment. The issue should be related to a topic covered in the textbook (look at the table of contents for subjects) or please see my suggestions below for additional subjects. You will then take the perspective of the General Manager/CEO as he/she reviews the issues and determines a course of action for the company.

This will require you to do an extensive amount of research on the issue/concern so you can provide a logical rationale for the course of action you plan recommend. Youall need to follow your issue in the news as the term progresses and take into consideration any progress that company has made along the way to resolving the issue. You also may go back up to one year and look for news items, press releases, etc., related to the firm you have selected.

Each of you will submit a written paper on this issue that would be relevant to a manager of your chosen firm. For this project, you will have to scan the business literature and describe what businesses are doing to address stakeholder concerns, investors, society, and so forth. Your written report is limited to FOUR pages, plus a bibliography. Again, you may either choose a topic from the textbook or consider the below possible subjects, which include:

a? Globalization: continued movement forward or pushback?
a? Business bailoutsa¦or is it moral hazard?
a? Ethics in businessa¦.can my firm be ethical if my competition is not?
a? Free trade, or should it be managed trade?
a? Free Trade area vs. protection for local producers. I.E. is NAFTA fair to local business?
a? CSRa¦what does these mean for business managers, stakeholders & society
a? Shareholder rights vs. management carte blanchea¦can the two coexist?
a? Sustainability, what exactly does this mean and why is this important for international business managers?
a? Doing good for the local community while doing well. Is this possible?
a? Outsourcing, off-shoring and foreign labor issues for U.S. manufacturers.

Paper Organization:
This paper accounts for 20% of your total grade. Your grade for this project will be based on your paper organization, grammar, ideas flow, etc. All research and citations should be completely included. Each report should contain the following sections:
a? An executive summary
a? Description of the company, and its industry, that you have chosen. You will prepare the report from the standpoint of a company within the industry selected. Very briefly (in one paragraph) identify the scope of activity, number/types of products, domain, and location.
a? Issue identification: identify an issue topic that can be adequately reported on given the time and material available during this course. Present the issue as a question that must be answered.
a? Issue significanceRelevance and importance of the issue to the company must be clearly established. This can be discussed in terms of social, economic, cultural, moral, safety and legal importance.
a? Identify your stakeholdersIn order to effectively resolve the issue, you will first need to identify specific stakeholders and clearly identify their stakes, and then prioritize them so you can determine which stakeholdersa needs are most important to address. Please put stakeholders (and their stakes) in a table or a map. Identify which stakeholders are most urgent, legitimate and powerful.
a? RecommendationsSuggest a plan of action the company should take to resolve the identified issue. Try to come up with new, creative solutions that are both realistic and demonstrate concern for, and long-term enrichment of your stakeholders. Include some basics of implementation (costs, timeline, etc.) of your recommendations.
a? Possible implicationsDiscuss the consequences of your recommendations as if they were to be implemented. How will your stakeholders be affected by your decision? Discuss both the short-term and long-term consequences, both intended and possible unintended outcomes. This will force you to think about your decision from the stakeholdersa points of view. This is the most important section of the paper.
a? Use MLA format to cite sources. Sources should be cited throughout the body of the paper.

More information:

As you continue to prepare your individual projects, I would like emphasize that it is important that you address sustainability, CSR concerns, stakeholder issue management, and ongoing concerns over business ethics. In this regard I will be looking to see who closely you take into account the PSU School of Businesss view that:

Graduates from the PSU-SBA baccalaureate program possess a holistic perspective of the impact that business practices have on social, economic, and environmental systems”

As I grade your papers I will determine how you take into account the metrics described in this importnat document.

Here is the rubric:

You can use unlimited number of sources.
The paper is limited to FOUR pages, plus a bibliography. NO MORE THAN 4 PAGES PLEASE.