Ompany Web Site: The Integrative Face of the Corporate and Product Brands


The principal role of advertising in a free-market system is to make consumers aware of products and services and provide them with information on which they may base their purchasing decisions. Companies are aware that consumers visit company Web sites and closely scrutinize their products or services before they actually decide to make a deal with that company. Consumers try to understand corporate brands and product brands before making a choice. This is a reason Web sites of powerful brands often communicate the brand message. In fact, a Web site is the modern-day face of a company. Companies use various strategies to convey their messages in the best possible manner on their Web sites.


Access any one of the following Web sites to get a feel for the image each company tries to project:

A· BlueNotes at php

A· Portilloas Restaurants at

A· McDonaldas at

For the chosen company:

A· Explain how effective its Web site is in communicating an overall message.

A· Explain if the image projected on the Web site is consistent with the image portrayed in the companyas advertisements.

A· Explain how well the Web site has integrated the companyas advertising with other forms of marketing communications.

Submit your answer in not more than 500 words in a Microsoft Word document.