Ompar three individuals in the McCarthy Hearing to three individuals in The Crucible

Six pages and Works Citedat the end of the final page, MLA form.

thesis statement need to be underlined.

the much should be less than 5%

Research Paper Outline Topic
Introduction (1 to 2 paragraphs)
Include: title of book, author, date of publication, authoras purpose, summary of book, thesis
Thesis should include the following key words: The Crucible/parallel(ism)/Danforth/McCarthy and John Proctor and ?
Part Two: Historical Background (no more than 1.5 pages)
Salem Witch Trials and McCarthy Communist Trials similarities
Use MLA citations and avoid plagiarism
Part Three: Body These are ideas only!
The Crucible History
Danforth McCarthy
Proctor ?
? ?

Use examples and quotes from The Crucible and MLA citations
Conclusion: (approx. one paragraph) summary of your ideas
Notes: use quality sources, such as .gov and .edu websites and sources with authors

Thank you!