Omparative Analyis of Cultural Context and DeathDeviant Behavior

Comparative Analysis Written Assignment

Ultra-orthodox Jewish men pray during the mourning ritual of Tisha BAv at the Western Wall, Judaisms holiest site, in Jerusalems Old City, Tuesday, July 20, 2010. (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue)
For this assignment, we will examine death rituals, since they are the easiest to identify in US culture.
Instructions for Comparative Analysis
Comparing your own family or cultures death rituals to those of another culture/religion is the basis of this paper. Rely on the Online Resources for this module, as well as the Librarys resources to discover information about other cultures and their rituals.
First consider the following about both groups (your own, and another culture):
a? What does your/the family do to acknowledge death?
a? What dont they do?
a? Do you know why?
a? What kind of tradition and ritual is involved?
a? What kind of service is held (if any)?
Then write an 8-10 page paper (double spaced using 1margins using APA citations and a Works Cited page) to compare and contrast another culture or faith traditions ritual approaches to death with your own experience. Remember to integrate relevant material from your reading as well as you develop your papers.
You may use Its easy and acceptable for my class.
Include the following points, considering both groups (your own, and another culture of your choice):
What is the point of the ritual for your family/the mourners of the other group?
a? For your/the family?
a? For both cultures or religions as a whole?
Use specific examples to describe similarities and differences among the tradition you select and the cultural one of which you are a part.
Before you begin, read the following guideline from the Harvard University Writing Center on writing a comparative analysis:
How to Write a Comparative Analysis
a? CompAnalysis.html
a? The Online Resources for this module will also help you get started.

Must use these sources:
Welschons, J.E Awakening from grief: Finding the road back to joy. Little Falls, NJ: Open Heart Publications.
Wolfelt, A. Helping children cope with grief. Bristol, PA: Accelerated Development.
Worden, J. W. Grief counseling and grief therapy: A handbook for mental health practitioners (4th ed.) New York: Springer Publishing Company.