Omparative Analysis Between Bartelby and Being There and Gimpel the Fool

Directions from professor: Compare Bartleby by Herman Melville to Being There by Jerzy Kosinski and (possibly,) Gimpel the Fool by Isaac Bashevis Singer. What common ideas/topics do they address? What similarities or differences are there in their approach to their common ideas? Where are their major points of agreement/difference? Move from these general questions towards a statement(s) that explains how these readings relate to each other. Use textual evidence.

What I would like in this essay:
I would like to first use the idea of nature vs. nurture to compare and contrast Gimpel and Chance (the protagonist in Being There) as they are both orphaned and I believe because they really have the nurture aspect and they had to learn how To bemostly through their nature that this had a big effect on why they are the way that they are. (ie: Chance knew a lot of things because of the television.)
Secondly, compare and contrast Chance and Gimpel by showing how for Chance, people see what they want in him; whereas for Gimpel, he just saw the best in people. Which is what made him so Foolish.And to add, compare the narrator from Bartleby and talk about how he just wanted to see the good in Bartleby. Try to figure out why.
Id like a third comparison added in but I dont have an idea for it so maybe you can think of something.

Any questions please call. I know this is somewhat of a messy/confusing outline so please call. NEED TO GET A REALLY GOOD GRADE!! 🙂 THANK YOU