Omparative analysis essay on two brands

Task Assignment: In at least 5 paragraphs, compare two brands of a product in order to help your reader determine which brand is superior. A brand is a version of a product as made by a specific company. a?Brandsa? may be any like products, including two movies or movie franchises, two services, or two products one would purchase. The choices must be like brands, such as two different brands of diaper or shipping services. This task builds on the organization and writing clarity lessons of Phase One adding a traditional essay structure and thesis statement. Sources are considered optional, but if you used, must be cited using APA format.

Your first paragraph will introduce the two brands and contain a thesis statement that states which brand is better. A good thesis statement for this paper normally looks something like: Product x is better than product Y because …. and …
a?The introduction should set the context and deliver a value judgment thesis, such as a?Brand X is better than Brand Y because of ….list three reasons.a?
a?Develop the three reasons in three body paragraphs using either block or point-by-point organizational method taught in course readings and by your instructor.
a?Provide a concluding paragraph that drives home the thesis argument makes a final pitch to convince the reader why one brand is superior to the other
a?Your instructor may have additional advice for the successful completion of this assignment. For further information, either see instructor comments located below or access live chats and instructor files.

Remember to double-space uniformly, indent paragraphs, and use Times New Roman, 12-point font.