Omparative Analysis for Environmental/earth issue in Salt Lake City

Well-crafted comparative analysis review of current (within the last 5 years) case study, a report, or a peer-reviewed article about a particular environmental/earth systems issue that pertains to the Wasatch Front. The material needs to come from a reputable source.

There are many choices of topics that range from the fault and its impact on Salt Lake City to issues of the urban heat island, to roof-top (urban) farming or the GPI as a good growth indicator for the city.

The paper should be written through analysis of the chosen topic in which the case study, the report, or the peer-review article provide the Meatof the paper.

The paper should not be only contextualized, but also provide a more detailed as well as comparative analysis (e.g., what does research say about this issue in Denver, Portland, etc.)

Graphs, charts, statistics to substantiate the paper
Citation of sources (at least three) at the end of the paper
Besides the case study, the report, or the peer-reviewed article, another couple of sources (please no .com sites) are needed