Omparative Analysis: Gun control in the United State

Comparative Analysis Paper: Mid Term

Please write a comparative and analysis paper regarding the ongoing national policy debate through the lens of the American Enlightenment. The outline provided will cue you as to essential areas for this paper to consider. Please review and consider the entire outline and flow of the thought process as you prepare for this paper. You may wish to add additional content and analysis where addressed in the outline. The goal here is to present a thoughtful discussion regarding policy reform, through the lenses (tools) of the founding debates, principles, and documents of the United States. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful analysis and comparison; and Best Regards. JB
A thoughtful paper articulating the principles, debates, and documents; well argued and documented, is the focus of the grading process. I would suggest no less than five pages, and attempt to keep your paper at no more than ten pages. (This is not youare final and should not be an albatross.)
Outline Criteria: please use this outline below as your structure, headings and sub-headings for your paper. Include all references cited. A minimum of three is expected.
Structure and outline for the paper follows:
Title Page or Header (use of both is fine)

I. Introduction:
a) Summarize policy reform debate briefly.
b) Statement of your position.
c) My approach to this paper.

II. Comparative and Analysis:
a) Social Contract (representative governance)
b) Classical Liberalism (natural rights)
c) Faction (Pluralism)
d) Ambition (Elitism)
e) Federalist Position
f) Anti-Federalist Position
g) Constitutional Perspective
h) Bill of Rights Perspective

III. Solutions: the principle of compromise and consensus.
a) Federalism perspective.
b) States perspective.
c) Cooperative Federalism perspective.
d) My Proposal and perspective.