Omparative analysis of integrated marketing communications mix strategy for laptop manufacturers: Apple vs Dell

Imagine that you are appointed as International Strategic Brand Manager for a laptop manufacturer company of your choice (Dell). Given Appleas popularity within certain consumer groups it is one of your major competitors. Your company assigned you to provide a comparative analysis report which examines marketing communications strategies and mix used by Apple versus your selected laptop manufacturer company (select only one to compare with Apple). Based on your report, your company will decide what action to take to increase their market competitiveness by utilising strategic marketing and branding tools.

1. What are the slogans and marketing messages used adopted? What type of media and marketing campaigns are used to attract consumers? What is the image projected to the consumers? How well they are working so far?

2. What are the marketing communication strategies you would recommend to your company to increase their competitiveness?


1. The assignment should not exceed 3000 words and should be presented in report format, not as an essay. You are allowed to include any reasonable amount of supporting material in an Appendix.
2. You should draw upon your personal research done at the library, through the Internet and the recommended reading and material covered throughout the module. Please reference carefully all your research sources.
3. You are asked to use only secondary research for this assignment. You are encouraged to be innovative in your quest for answers, by using images, advertisement examples etc.
4. You are encouraged to make full use of GMID a Global Market Information Database, ABI/Inform, FAME and other databases which are available as Electronic Resources by the Brunel Library.
5. Please adopt a critical but constructive view supported by factual information, not just personal opinions. If quoting other peopleas work, please use the accepted form of academic referencing (Harvard style referencing).

You will be assessed on:
a) How critically you present the literature review and market review.
b) The depth and relevancy of your arguments.
c) Your analytical skills.
d) Your objectivity in identifying problems and limitations.
e) Your presentation style.

Additional guidelines

Use of reference materials

The reference material used to refer to the company should be recent (2-3 years or less) and not old.

Other literature used can be from any year.

Report format***

1. E-Cover page (include the word count)

2. Table of Contents (with page numbers)*
3. Executive Summary
4. Introduction
5. Market Review
6. Literature Review
7. Critical Analysis and Discussion
8. Conclusions
9. Recommendations (7 & 8 can be combined under one heading)
10. References (bibliography; sources used in the assignment)**
11. Appendix (only relevant, succinct material)