Omparative analysis of Jubail & Yanbu cluster cities in the petrochemical sector in Saudi Arabia


Comparative analysis of Jubail & Yanbu cluster cities in the petrochemical sector in Saudi Arabia

Research Objectives:

1) The structure of Saudi Arabia economy, the role and location of Petrochemical sector in Saudi Arabia
2) The Organization of Petrochemical Activities in Jubail & Yanbu cluster cities.
3) Comparative analysis of the cluster structure of Jubail & Yanbu cluster cities

Literature Review in:

Petrochemical sector
Saudi Arabia economy (e.g., structure, etc.)
Role and Location of Petrochemical in Saudi Arabia (e.g., Industrial and Geographical)
Petrochemical Value Chain and where the two cities fit within the chain
History of institutions, political and investment decision

For the literature review, please, consider a theoretical section, where you engage of a CRITICAL discussion of theories that underpin cluster research. You need some theoretical foundations for the analysis of the two cluster cities  not merely observations of the reality.

Please, consider the following:
 Models of industrial organisation
” Marshalian District (Alfred Marshall, 1890, 1919)
” Flexible specialisation (Piore & Sabel, 1984)
” Positive effect on competitiveness of geographic concentration of similar and inter-related firms (Porter, 1998, 2000)
 Spatial agglomerations (economic geography)
 Positive externalities and increasing returns on scale and scope (evolutionary economics)
 Technological spill-overs (innovation studies)
 Territorial specialisation (competitive strategy)
 Self-containment and progressive division of labour and collaborative practices across firm boundaries
 Productive specialisation and growing surplus

Dissertation lay out:

Chapter one: Introduction
Chapter two: Literature Review
Chapter three: Comparative Analysis and Discussion
Chapter four: Conclusions (e.g.,  policy/strategy recommendations)

Referances: Harverd system