Omparative analysis of Marketing Communications strategies and mix for consumer vehicle brands in the UK

You are the newly appointed Industry Analyst for a well-known Investment Corporation. You have been given the responsibility of becoming their expert in the automotive industry, in particular, the consumer vehicle brands, such as Skoda, Ford, BMW, Volvo, VW, Jaguar, Aston Martin, etc. You have to produce a comparative analysis of the marketing communications strategies and mix used by Skoda and one other brand only.

You should apply your business judgement and intellectual rigour to the opportunity and prepare a comprehensive analysis, which critically addresses the issues. Here are some questions you might consider addressing:

1. What are the marketing communications strategies and tactics used by the companies in fighting the competitive battle?

2. What are the campaigns, the media used, the messages, the image projected and how well are they hitting the targets?


1. The assignment should not exceed 2,500 words and should be presented in report format, not as an essay. You are allowed to include any reasonable amount of supporting material in an Appendix.
2. You should draw upon your personal research done at the library, through the Internet and the recommended reading and material covered throughout the course. Please reference carefully all your research sources.
3. You are asked to use primary as well as secondary research for this assignment. You are encouraged to be innovative in your quest for answers, by using your powers of observation while watching TV, going to the cinema, going shopping, focus groups on campus or with your friends and family, surveys on campus or elsewhere, etc.
4. You are encouraged to make full use of GMID  Global Market Information Database, FAME and other databases which are available as Electronic Resources by the Brunel Library.
5. Please adopt a critical but constructive view supported by factual information, not just personal opinions. If quoting other people s work, please use the accepted form of academic referencing.

You will be assessed on:
a) The depth and relevancy of your research.
b) Your analytical skills.
c) Your objectivity in identifying problems and limitations.
d) Your presentational style

Additional guidelines

Use of reference materials

60% of the company reference materials must be very recent from January 2008 and the rest of the references can be from any year.

Report format

1. Cover page
2. Contents page (with page numbers)*
3. Introduction (2 paragraphs)
4. Literature review
5. Research methods (sources used, max 1/2 page)
6. Analysis and discussion (including research findings)
7. Conclusions
8. Recommendations (7 & 8 can be combined under one heading)
9. References (sources used in the assignment)**
10. Appendix (only relevant, succinct material)

* Dont forget to number your pages and dont forget to spell check your entire assignment.
** Please reference your sources carefully using the Harvard Referencing System.
*** You can customise /adapt these headings to suit your individual needs.

This assignment will represent 100% of the assessment for the module.