Omparative analysis of Marketing Communications strategies and mix for the supermarkets in the UK.

You are the newly appointed industry analyst for a well known investment corporation.You have been given the responsibility of becaming their expert in the supermarket business, in particular,the supermarket chains,such as sainsbury, Asda,Morrison, Waitrose,Tesco etc… You have to produce a comparative analysis of the marketing communications strategies and mix used by this companies(TESCO,ASDA AND SAINSBURY) you should apply your business judgement and intellectual rigour to the opportunity and prepare a comprhensive analysis,which critically address the issues.Here are some questions you might consider addressing:

1)What are the marketing communication strategies and tactics used by the companies in fighting the competitive battle?

2)What are the campaigns, the media used,the messages,the image projected and how well are they hitting the targets?

1) The assignment should not exceed 3000 words and should be presented in the REPORT FORMAT NOT AS AN ESSAY. You are allowed to include any reasonable amount of supporting material in an Appendix.

2) You should draw upon your personal research done at the Library through the internet and recommended reading and material covered throughout the course.Please refferance carrefully all your research sources

3)you are asked to use primary as well as secondary research for this assignment.You are encouraged to be innovative in your quest for answers,by using your powers of observation while watching TV going to the cinema going shopping, focus groups on campuss or with your friends and family,surveys on campuss or else where etc…

4) you are encouraged to make full use of GMID Global Market information Database, FAME and other databases which are available as Electronic resources by the Brunel Library

5) Please adopt a critical but constructive view supported by factual information not just personal opinions if quoting other peoples work please use the accepted form of academic refferencing

60% of the company reference materials must be very recent FROM JANUARY 2007 and the rest of the referrences can be from any year.


1) Contents Page
2)Introduction (2 paragraphs)
3)Literature review and market overview
4 ) research method ( Sources used,maximum 1/2 page )
5)Analysis and discussion ( including research findings)
7)recommendations (6&7 can be combined)
8)Referrences (sources used in the assignment)
9)Appendix(Only relevant succint material)

which method that you did
e.g Primary ressarch
secondary research
3-Market overview
General market retailing in UK
Sales trends in UK

4-Analysis and Discuss
Marketing communication mix in 3 companies.
How did they use marketing communication strategies.

5Questionnaire Analysis
put questionnaire, questionnaire result in graphs.
(chris fill Marketing communications 2007)can you please use at least 4 solid book references and 60% of the company (journal) reference materials must be very recent FROM JANUARY 2007 and the rest of the referrences can be from any year.
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