Omparative Analysis of the female characters in The Ramayana and Paradise Lost

The purpose of this essay will be to demonstrate to me that you can argue effectively about literature. You should have a clear thesis statement that you then support with specific evidence throughout the rest of your essay. Your evidence will come from the text itself and from secondary sources as well. This essay is NOT a plot summary, response paper, book report, or explication. Instead, IT IS a persuasive analysis in which you enlighten the work of literature you are writing about.

You should assume that your reader is familiar with the literature you are discussing and address that reader accordingly.

You are welcome to employ whatever analytical tools seem appropriate to your topic and to your interests. Your essay must deal with literature we are studying in this course.

You must have at least FOUR secondary sources. NO BLOCK QUOTATIONS (any quote that extends beyond 4 typed lines). These sources must be scholarly. Remember, you are in college and your writing must reflect scholarly thinking and presentation. This is not your weekly discussion board responses. It must reflect your mastery of ENG 1101/1102.
Papers should be double spaced, with 1i?? margin on the left and 1.5i?? margin on the right. Please use 12-point Times New Roman. Cite your sources according to MLA. You should have a minimum of FOUR outside sources. DO NOT use Internet sources unless the exact same source exists in a printed form and merely happens to be on-line in a full text version. Papers will be graded on the originality of argument, use and integration of textual evidence, development of detail, and mechanics of writing.

Plagiarized work will fetch you an i??Fi?? in the COURSE!

When I grade the paper, I will look for well thought-out thesis and support, idea development, organization and i??flowi?? (logical transitions, topic sentences), clarity of expression (grammar and punctuation), and adherence to MLA formatting (Font, Spacing, Titles, Headings, In-text Citations, Documentation).

Word Limit: MINIMUM of 8-9 double-spaced pages (9th page will be Works Cited)
Value: 20% of your final grade

The Norton Anthology World Literature Vol C: John Milton Paradise Lost
Vol A: The Ramayana of Valmiki