Omparative analysis on early contacts involving indigenous peoples and European explorers

2nd year undergrad history course; need appropriate amount of knowledge and writing skills; still would need an a-grade paper; eight sources requested includes the two excerpts from the assignment; those two excerpts are scanned and ready to be sent out when the writer contacts me via email; no phone contact desired and promise to respond fast only via email.

Read and assess the following two (2) excerpts of documents from the course text (Source from the Past) on early contacts involving indigenous peoples and European explorers:

a? Christopher Columbuss First Impressions of American Peoples (p. 474)
a? Captain James Cook on the Hawaiians (p. 544)

Write a 1500-word (5-6 pages, type-written, double spaced) comparative analysis of these document excerpts, which is well organized and carefully edited for correct grammar and good style. Use footnotes and an annotated bibliography to document all sources used. In your essay, consider what type of document it is, who wrote it, and why. What insights do the documents provide about first encounters between Western and indigenous peoples? It is recommended that you research your topic by consulting several addtional sources (books, articles, documents, etc).