Omparative Analysis on the Two Literature (themes, style of writing, moral values etc.)

This essay is a comparative analysis on the following two literature:

-So long a letter by Miriama Ba
-Things fall apart by Chinua Achebe


Given the thematic concerns of each of these writers/readings, respectively, how might each writer view the others values, beliefs, assumptions, morals, philosophies, etc…? Would the two be likely to agree, thematically? Why? Why not? Might they agree in part and disagree in part? Explain. Could it be that the two may agree, but for different reasons or based on different assumptions? Why is it worth noting that these writers might find agreement or disagreement on the thematic concerns/issues at hand? What might we learn, finally, from such an analytical comparison? How do the conclusions we might reach impact us, or our understanding of human and cultural relations? The conclusion to your paper should go into some depth on these last two questions. In addition, to the close analysis, students shuold aim to locate this thematic interpretation within the geographic anc cultural contexts in which the text is set. In other words (EXAMPLE), if a story is set in post-WW-II Japan, how does this fact affect the possible ways one might understand/interpret the theme(s) present in those stories.