Omparative Analysis Paper: Mythology in Contemporary Culture

Jeannine Hall Gailey s book is just once such collection of contemporary poetry that draws upon mythological themes, and in which she shares her experience growing up with mythology as it was portrayed in comic books and other pop culture venues. In reading her book, look for examples of stories you know, themes, symbols and archetypes you can identify you may have to/want to do some brief research on some of her content to have a better understanding of its relevance to mythology. For example, Joan of Arc was a real person in history, but has also become an archetype characterized by certain features based on her behaviors. If you know a little about this and are more interested in it, do some simple, preliminary poking around on the Internet (I also recommend Google, with refined search using .edu sites).

Here is the poem I have to use from Jeannine Hall Gailey Female Comic Book Superheroes:
The Villainess
resembles your mother, at least around the eyes 
treacherous, limpid and seal-like.
Inevitably handsome as a lioness, she
commands ranks, smokes cigarettes,
wears fur, has sex without apologizing.
Sometimes, she looks just like you,
but with crow s feet, more tattoos and better lingerie.
She conjures dragons or viruses,
she can lie easily to police or to you.
And you must love her, though she betrays you in a heartbeat -
you keep accepting the poisoned comb, the spinning wheel,with open,pale hands

Analysis Sources
For your analysis, using Gaileys book as one source of mythology in contemporary culture, find another source the Contemporary Culture Source which relates to your analysis, be it on a character she mentions in her poetry that you also find in another source, an archetype, a theme that is carried through in one or more of her poems that matches a theme you find in another source. Write about the similarities and differences of these as examples of mythology in contemporary culture (comparative analysis uses both compare and contrast).
Contemporary Culture Source
What do I mean by Contemporary Culture Source? It could be another poem, a movie, a song, images, laws, political campaign speeches, art, etc. You should be able to reference it as a source in the paper, and provide excerpts from it in your writing. For example, you could use The Wizard of Oz if you watch the DVD or VHS, cite it as a source. You can also probably find the script online somewhere. The same is true for most contemporary song lyrics. Find the source please dont try to just go from generalized memories of something you saw once a while back& Cite it as a source.

What I am looking for is for you to see the applications of mythology in our everyday lives.