Omparative Analysis to Evaluate Business Success

Whole Foods Market is recognized as a company with satisfied employees and a positive work environment. What aspects of organizational behavior help to make the company successful? Compare and contrast Whole Foods Market with two other retail grocers. What are the similarities and differences that contribute to the success or lack of success in each company? How do the behavior policies and practices in these companies have an impact on their productivity and performance? Address the following 9 points: Correlate the impact of diversity management practices to employee satisfaction and morale.
Analyze, research, and apply organizational behavior motivational theories to employee management practices.
Assess personal leadership and management characteristics, styles, and preferences.
Research, analyze, and reflect on the impact of character and ethics in management and leadership practices.
Critically examine the informal vs. formal power structures in an organization, and their effect on the leadership and power practices.
Assess resources that explore the effectiveness of the negotiation process in solving conflict in an organization.
Examine and assess the five conflict management styles and the circumstances under which each is appropriate.
Research, analyze, and assess the mechanistic and organic structures of organizations.
Evaluate the success of a company through a comparative analysis that identifies specific organizational behavior frameworks