Omparative Anatomy two H. erectus skulls

Please pick two H. erectus skulls (I will upload to you) from two different regions and compare and contrast the primary features of each one from Africa vs. one from Asia (do not do two from Asia, two from Africa, or one from Africa and one from Europe; one from Euope and one from Asia is fine though). Traits you should consider, at the very least: shape/size of the supraorbital torus, post orbital constriction, projection of the lower face, height of the forehead, shape of the back of the skull, shape of the zygomatic arch, and size of the teeth. Depending on the specimens you select, there may be other traits too. At this point I expect you to use the proper terminology for the traits you observe. Call the teeth by their proper term incisor, canine (no fangs!), premolar, molar, for instance. Plus, give me detail.