Omparative Critical Review: Communication Studies Textbook and Website on Film Production

Please download all attached file for instructions and the 2 sources that need to compare, thank you

Source1: Textbook p.150-156
Source2: Website From attached file

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Please first read all attached document, I know is a bit messy, thank you very much writer.

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Update 23/4
1)Good topic sentence and concluding sentence for each paragraph
2)Point by point method (Block method only if the paragraph is too long)
3)Have a clear stance of the two source of each discuss point (e.g., the source 1 is comprehensive but descriptive; whereas the source 2 is easy to access, not so academic)
4)Use reporting verbs and nouns:
I: imply, indicate, illustrate
S: suggest, shows, states, stresses
E: examine, emphasise
E: evaluate
D: demonstrate, describe
A: assert, argue
A: assume
D: declares
C: contends, claim
O: Observe
W: writes

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Her are the 2 new attached documents

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1. Title format ( + cover page)

2. Introduction background/context (topic?). Purpose of CCR. Map(avoid long list?) Thesis overall evaluation

3. Paragraph unity (how to do when SEEMINGLY so many items?)

4. Paragraph transitions (link previous to current paragraph when possible. How?)

5. EVALUATION in terms of AUDIENCE & PURPOSE. More in-depth analysis and evaluation.

(cc of typical feedback): In terms of audience when and how are the sources useful/usable? At what stage and for which purposes/tasks would students use each one? Think of what various levels,ages & types of student have to do as undergraduates (& Foundation?) and how the sources serve them. If limited, consider which other sources are more appropriate for certain tasks.

6. Include qualified limitations. Be precise & nuanced (hedging)

7. More examples to support points (+ occasional short quotation?)

8. Referencing (title? , Intro, in-text, Reference list)