Omparative Critical Thinking OR Normative Critical Thinking OR Meta-Critical Thinking

The paper has to be written on one of the following topics:

1. Comparative Critical Thinking: compare two or (maximum) three critiques or critical texts on issues of your choosing and discuss theoretical structures, emphases, features, strengths, and shortcomings. You may wish to consider historical, political, anthropological, biographical, and/or geographical contexts, as well as pure text analysis.

2. Normative Critical Thinking: attempt a codification of being critical and provide justifications (arguments) for each of your precepts, i.e. provide an ethics code, or part of one, for being critical of statements in a particular context or in general.

3. Meta-critical Thinking: analyze a key critical concept, such as criticism, critical, critic, critique, meta-criticism, etc, and do not forget to be self-critical while you are doing so. Consider semantics as well as symbolic contexts, i.e. relate the concept to the real world as well as to the usage of terms representing the concept in speech, writing, and other symbolic forms.

The number of sources to be used is not specified, however the more there are, the better it is.