Omparative essay between a fictional presentation of history in film with a film that purpots to be nonfiction such as a documentary

You have to analyze two films, one is a Documentaryfactual. That is, it is a presentation that has no created elements to it. (Or does it?) The evidence in a documentary is important. You should be mindful of what types of evidence are used to come to the film makers conclusion still photography, quotations from sources, etc. What is the Casebeing made? How convincing is this case?

Entertainment films (the Movies”) that treat history in some ways are perhaps Based on a true storyor Based on fact,but what responsibilty do motion directors have to their audiences? The films are, after all, fiction. Do the audiences realize that? What devices do directors use to make their entertainment Workfor the audience? What are the sources for the film director? Do not feel constricted by these questions, feel free to add whatever opinions you have.

Your job is to compare the ways these two genres of film Door Usehistory. The questions above are meant to be Guides”. You are required to do more than just answer these questions.

The films we are supposed to compare are of our choice so feel free to compare any theatrical film such as Glory, Troy, JFK, Alexander, Saving private ryan with a documentary of that topic. For example if you choose Saving Private Ryan you are required to compare it to a World War 2 documentary and then analyze and comapre the two.