Omparative essay between Niccolo Machiavellis The Prince and Erasmuss The Education of a Christian Prince

After carefully reading Erasmus and Machiavelli, write an analysis (approximately 6 page) in which you address the following questions.
1. What were the purposes of Machiavelli and Erasmus in writing their books?
2. What sort of sources do they rely upon for their information and examples?
3. How are these books representative of humanist thought?
4. Which of the two do you think gives better advice of statecraft why?

Other considerations or conclusions which you wish to include are welcome, but no additional research is required.

Papers should be numbered, 12-point type and double space your sentences. You must give specific examples from the books to support your interpretations and you must provide a citation when referring to a specific passage or providing a quote. Footnotes are not necessary, simply put the authors name in parenthesis along with the page number e.q. (Erasmus 46). The period comes after the parenthesis.