Omparative Essay between The Field and Angelas Ashes

This assigment is per the teachers instructions: Write a comparative essay of The Field and Angelaas Ashes. It is important that you stick to the texts; that you find good, clear examples with which to work; and that you quote in an appropriate way.
1. Choose a theme or an issue you want to discuss (as examples of themes/issues can be mentioned a?povertya? or a?religiona?. It is important that you choose a theme/an issue which can be clearly defined.
2 Formulate a thesis statement.
3 Find situations, scenes, instances in your selected texts that clearly illustrate your theme/topic, and discuss these. Again, the aim is for the analysis to support the thesis statement. Remember a it is better to find a few situations and discuss these in detail than to discuss many scenes briefly!
As with most written assignments the essay should follow the basic pattern of essay writing (see also the guidelines for writing essays which you find in fronter). Your task is NOT to quote the plot, but to show how your selected situations, scenes and/or instances illustrate your theme/topic. Remember that the main part of the essay should consist of the discussion, and you should also keep summaries and descriptions to a minimum.”

These are the words from the teacher, the books are The Fieldby John B Keane, and Angelas Ashes by Frank McCourt, I have already placed an order about The Fieldand would appreciate the same write for both of them since we are focusing on Irish history in this part of the course, and the language should sound the same. If you have any further questions pls contact me. Thank you :o)