Omparative Essay. Growing up Hiddenand own made up story about my supposed best friend who is gay

Compare and Contrast Growing up hiddenby Linnea Due and a Made up Story of the author of this essay (me)s best friend who is a male homosexual.

Notes to take in account: The author (me) is 23 years old, so do not go beyond that when making up arguments to compare and contrast. Im also male and from Argentinsa, and as long as you know these facts you will be fine making up the story as long as you respect them.
Points To take in account:
1)Male friend vs Linnea Due (female)
2) Friend is from Argentina. Different culture than America in the early 90s. also Friend struggled in the 2000s, later on in time.
3) My male friend had me, the author, to back him up. My male friend did his naive mistakes on me instead of a random person vs Linnea Dues story. She had a boy when she was young who was gay, but later on she was alone. work with that
4)my male friend was accepted by his parents vs Linnea Due

Be sure to mention how in Argentina it is culture to kiss in the cheek when we greet, and in our culture same gender affection and in the same breath gay people are more accepted than in USA. Talk about how the scenery affects the identity and how my friend was lucky he had it easier.

And so on, you can make up more stuff in order to gain things to compare and contrast. The Thesis is simply Comparing Linnea and my friend.

Also state somewhere although linnea was a victim of society. She is still negligible for allowing society to pressure her and make her hide, while my friend had me and his family and although did not come out in public, he did not try to be another person or fit in.

Friends name is Miguel. The rest you can make it up yourself. You can also make up my own opinion/perspective as a friend, how I cared about my friend as a person and his sexuality was just part of his identity and not the entirety of it. Etc Etc. Theres alot of creativty to work here to come up with arguments to compare and contrast, do NOT limit to the few points I just gave you.

You can also state how being gay actually gave my friend resilience and made his other problems seem a joke compared to fitting in and made him laugh when other people thought they had problems. Also assert how it made him be very perceptive and cautious when using his Straightpersona and how it trained him to act differently and perceive others as they expect to perceive him.

Conclude about being thankful my friend was not a victim of society, but because he had me and his family who he could hang on to, and how Linnea had it hard by herself in an earlier time. Also the times were different making it easier on him. Highlight the great pressure society can assert onto people and how society as a whole can be a big antagonist. Scenery affecting identity as a factor. Friends/Family as a factor too.

If you can come up with more arguments, even better. Make sure to compare and contrast it with the essay and allure/cite the Essay when needed.