Omparative Essay in my film history class

this is the essay guidlines my instructor gave me: Take an actor or director that we studied in class this semester and compare his/her films with an actor or director (from class or contemporary entertainer) of your choice. your essay will need to cover the following: an introduction: opening paragraph that explains what your essay will achieve. three paragraphs with three examples comparing the actors or directors. these examples need to be specific, citing the three films and specific scenes for each. you will lose points if your examples are vague. a conclusion: closing paragraphy that sums up your points and proves your opening statement.

it is important that your essay is personal to you. i dont want an essay that is verbatism from a history book. tell me what and why you love, hate or feel the same way for a certain entertainer compared to someone else.

i would like to compare directors. the one director from my class will be Roman Polanski one of his films are rosemarys baby and the director i will compare with will be Tim Burton. or if it is easier for you to write the essayand compare directors whose films are fimliar with and have heard of. but i will have to give you list of directors i have talked about it in my class and choose from there. just let me know as soon as possible what direction you would like to take this : my picks or pick out your own.