Omparative Essay on the movies: Panas Labyrinth/Run Lola Run/Rashomon/Vantage Point

To what degree do the films (Panas Labyrinth/Run Lola Run/Rashomon/Vantage Point) effectively utilise the use of narrative structure, in order to highlight implicit meanings?

Points to Remember
a? Answer the question
a? Compare point by point, rather than film by film
a? Include the directorsa intention and the effect on the audience
a? Utilise filmic language in your response
a? Refer to other related filmic elements, which contribute to the overall effect of the narrative structure (mis-en-scene, cinematography, editing, sound, lighting, acting, etc)
a? You may include reference to social/historical contexts
a? You may include reference to the views of othersa viewpoints
a? Be sure to appropriately site any source materials you employ
a? Be sure your response meets the assessment criteria
a? Use the present tense when employing textual evidence
a? Avoid the use of the personal pronoun I
a? Utilise appropriate transitions between points