Omparative ethnic identity and ethnic conflict

PLSC 327 Comparative Ethnicity, Identity, and Ethnic Conflict
Fall 2013

This is a take home exam due on or BEFORE 3 November. The length of your exam report ought to be no less than 4 typed pages. Your midterm examination is worth 15% of your final grade. Your exam will be graded based on the following:
a? Organization and cohesiveness
a? Analysis
a? Relating theories covered in class and assessing their relevance
a? How does Suedfeldas article help in this quest?
In light of the documentary we watched in class GENOCIDE and in light of the chapter by Peter Suedfeld, a?Theories of the Holocaust: Trying to Explain the Unimaginable,a? answer the following questions:
1. What general topic and time period the film cover?
2. Is the film impartial and objective or does it seem to be biased in any way
3. How does this film contribute to our knowledge of the Nazi Holocaust?
4. Read carefully Peter Suedfeldas chapter. Which of the theories he presents to explain the causes of the Holocaust you subscribe to? Does this chapter help us understand the causes of other mass ethnopolitical murder (Armenia, Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, etca¦)?

Peter Suedfeld chapter 4. theories of the holocaust: trying to explain the unimaginable