Omparative Evaluation of Environmental Sustainability

Comparative Evaluation of Environmental Sustainability

You have been asked by WWF (the environmental pressure group) to prepare a REPORT(with report structure) which sets out a position statement on the effectiveness of policies and actions related to the implementation of environmental sustainability in two countries(on two DIFFERENT continents).
WWF has its own in-house sustainability experts but wants an outside view on the state of play across the globe.
The choice of countries is left up to you but should be one each from two different continents, for example, Asia and Europe.
WWF wants some appropriate conclusions and, where possible, any lessons which can be learnt from the practice in the two countries (i.e. recommendations).
The expectation is that you will be critically reviewing existing literature rather than undertaking basic primary research (therefore Iam sending you an article which has been approved by my tutor). But one article is not enough (should be additional/supportive 4-5 other articles related to this one. This is the reason why I have sent other 8 articles for you to choose which ones will be more appropriate for my MAIN article)
The client wants a written report and a short presentation (no more than 10 minutes) of your findings. So I will need a PowerPoint presentation by Monday 7th December 2009 (by 11:00 am GMT) and written report later that week.
Different countries have different policies on sustainability (Only one policy should be used).

The brief can be summarised as:
a?Critically compare the effectiveness of the policies and actions related to the implementation of environmental sustainability in two countries.a?

The written submission will be assessed against criteria of the quality of:

a? Content including using information, the handling of argument, and drawing relevant conclusions;

a? Structure, report style and readability;

a? Research and analysis;

a? Referencing and bibliography used appropriately

Some Sources

Blau, D (2008)
azChinese and Indian cities: a telling contrast?
Urban World, no.1, November

Rogers, PP; Jalal, KF & Boyd, JA (2008)
An introduction to sustainable development

WWF (2008)
Living planet report
(available via WWF)

Journals include:

Construction Management & Economics
Journal of Environmental Planning & Management
Sustainable Development


Presentation should be no more than 10 minutes. Briefly say what is it report about(the task for the report in order description).
Possible structure:
Sustainability issues
What sort of issues/concerns (3 specific ones)
Lessons to be learnt i.e. recommendations(3 specific ones)