Omparative Financial Analysis of Ryan Air & Easy Jet for Financial Years ending 2010, 2011 and 2012

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I am pursuing a course in MBA and I am required to submit an assignment as part of the course work. This course work has to be checked for plagiarism through The total weightage of this assignment is 70%. I understand you people have the necessary expertise and skill to facilitate such work. I am naturally sceptical as I do not have any reference for the quality of work that you do especially in the context of the high weightage it carries in my course work. Following the submission, I may also be called to defend my work. You have to ensure authenticty and credibility of data, its source, references and bibliography. My dependence on your work will be absolute. Please bear in mind that the assignment will be uploaded for plagiarism check at Therefore do not use any research report from any source to support this work.

The assignment will primarily cover all ratios profitability, efficiency, liquidity, gearing, dividend and earnings ratios. The report inter alia will include horizontal and vertical analysis. Please incorporate charts, graphs and diagrams to reinforce/highlight the findings of the study. The analysis has to be based on PESTLE principle and Porters 5 Forces Model of Competition.

The findings and conclusion will carry maximum weightage of the total weight of 70%. Therefore please ensure that the conclusion is holistic and is entirely based on the findings.

The base year for this analysis is FY ending 2010.

I will upload all the necessary documents guidelines, scope of work, marking grid, annual reports once I get the link to upload.