Omparative Formal Analysis of Study for Aspects of Negro Life: An Idyll of the Deep South and Venus Rising From the Sea-A Deception

So, working together in class we will begin writing a formal analysis together.
To begin:
1. Summarize the overall appearance of the work.
2. Describe the work by beginning with the first thing you are forced to look at and then name and describe the second thing and then name and describe the third thinga¦ keep this going until you exit the image.
3. Just describe do not interpret.
4. Include a Thesis in the introduction, body, and a strong conclusion based on your comparison.
5. As Questions in front of the work.
What is my first response?
What and where was the work made?
Where would the work have been originally seen?
What purpose did the work serve?
What is the work? (drawing, painting, sculpture?)
What is the mediumwhat do you know about the medium?
What specifically is the work? (portrait, landscape, still life?)
6. Write answers. Make a list of each element and principleand describe what you see in each.
7. Write/Respond
8. Edit notes and writingdiscover a THESIS for each separate analysisremember a thesis is a theme, an idea, something or some opinion you are formally proving.
9. COMPARE/LINK the two analysis
10. The final edited version of this should be 4-6 type written pages, 1000 to 1500 word. 1.5 spaced, 10 to 12 Times New Roman, or Ariel font presented in a PowerPoint similar to the midterm.

The two images I chose are both from at the Nelson-Atkins Museum.

1. Aaron Douglas, 1899-1979 Study for Aspects of Negro Life: An Idyll of the Deep South, 1934