Omparative Law ( Global Legal Realism as common sense)

Comparism should be made on the legal culture, of an African country(Nigeria) and compared against the west, in order to determine the influence of culture on law as either positivism or realism. With examples of indigenous communities, their practice and how it affects the laws of the state e.g same sex marriages, family law cases. Also, legal positivism, legal realism should be discussed as well as the effects of law on the common sense approach of the people. The paper should either support or disagree with the statement on the preamble section by Twinning in Orucu and Nelson (2007). Therefore, critical analysis should be made and best sort view point taken. N.B: legal pluralism should also be treated.

Added on 08.04.2015 21:23
Globalisation and Comparative law (The preamble was derived from this article) and Legal Realism articles give a clear picture of the subject under study