Omparative Law in a Global development Context

Theme: Comparative legal methods of Dispute Settlement

Consider very carefully the interview with author and adventurer Jay Griffiths (The Metro, 17.7.2007), the DVDs i??Bamakoi?? (DVD 04263), i??Sisters in Lawi?? (On Stream), i??Inside a Sharia Courti?? (On Stream), i??Husband & Wifei?? (On Stream), and the chapter i??Beyond Europei?? by Werner Menski (in Orucu and Nelken, 2007).

Critically discuss with examples the following assertion:

i??Non-European informal methods of dispute settlement might resemble healing rituals rather than legal processes, but they are just as powerful as formal legal mechanismsi??.
(Menski, in Orucu and Nelken, 2007:213)

NB: The interview is provided with this assignment. The chapter can be in the Library in Orucu, E. and Nelken, D (ed.) (2007) Comparative Law: A Handbook. Oxford: Hart Publishing. (340.2 COM ). All the documentaries for this assignment are available either in the Universityi??s Audio-Visual Library where they can be viewed in-house on the 3rd floor, or on Stream, where they can be viewed off campus.