Omparative Literature -Cities of Saltand Running in the Family”

Present and explain ways that humor is used to raise questions about characters, situations and topics in Running in the Familyby Michael Ondaanjte and in Cities of Saltby Abdelrahman Muntifbr /br /
br /br /
Define what humor isbr /br /
Use quotes from each book to explain how the humor is being raised as well as analysisbr /br /
They way the authors use humor does not need to be the same in both books as long as it is stated clearly. Everything should be presented with clear evidence from the /br /
There should be an overall thesis statement to show what is going to be proved throughout the paperbr /br /
-When using quotes, author and page number should be citedbr /
-its an english essay but the content of evidence and answering the actual question is very important