Omparative Media system paper in Latin America and the Caribbean

For this assignment, youre asked to conduct a rigorous analysis of 1 of 3 films. Striving to deconstruct how questions of power, the media, and representation are operating within the film. Below are some prompts for you to consider as you write. You may decide to focus on some things,and not on others. Thats fine. Whats important is that your analysis is thoughtful, and that youre making connections between the films and course materials. Note: You may have watched the film more than once. You are going to choose one of these films to write it.
1. Bordertown
2.The revolution will not be Televised
3. Tambien la lluvia

In this papers introduction should be includes:
1.your clear thesis statement, what your paper is going to show, and how brief context.
2.The title of the film. year it was produced and producers.

you must analysis of a Scene: In your paper you might consider including an analysis of one or two particular scenes that powerfully reflect a theme that youre addressing. For example, if youare writing on a?aBorder townaa you might focus on the scene where Jennifer Lopez is pleading with her newspaper editor to publish her story on the murders of women in Ciudad Juarez. What unfolds in this scene? How does it relate to the power of the media industry in the west? How the media is differently represented in Mexico within the film, versus in the U.S?

Contextualization: each film deals with significant political issues. Your task is to select one of these issues, and to further familiarize yourself with the issue by reading a minimum of 2 additional sources: this could take the form of a scholarly article/review, a book chapter, or a piece of journalism. This research will hopefully help extend and deepen your understanding of the filmas premise. Your research should also be used as a way to provide context within your paper into the historical/contemporary moment around which the film revolves. For example, if youare writing on Tambien la Lluvia ,itas not enough to mention the Water Wars. You must explain what they were, as well as what precipitated them. This portion of your assignment should not exceed 1 page; it should constitute roughly 2-3 paragraphs of your entire paper. Please attach a reference sheer at the end of your paper, listing your sources.

Media Systems-each film grapples either directly or indirectly with the power of the media. Your task is to identify how the media system is operating and /or being represented within the film. Who is depicted as being in control? Who is being represented? Whose voices are being excluded? Why? Explore the angles. Work to weave concepts of symbolic annihilation, cultural imperialism, media imperialism, and the problematic of each, into your paper. For example, If you choose to write on the documentary a?aThe Revolution will not be Televisedaa. Consider the role of Venezuelaas private media as well as the influence of the US media on international relations and public opinion in the attempted coup of Hugo Chavez. As a piece of media itself, what story-or angle-is this film taking? Why is it significant?

Political Economy/Industry: What went into making this film??Why was it produced? By whom? Where? Why? At what costs? To whom? What were the gains (socially, economically, cross-culturally)?Were there other repercussions? What are the various messages about political economy and industry operating within the film itself? For example, if you choose to write about a?aTambien la Lluviaaa, consider why the producers choose to make their film in Bolivia. How is exploitation operating within the 2 story lines that are presented? If you write on a?aThe revolution wonat be Televised consider the limited circulation of the film within the U.S.A verses its circulation in Venezuela.

Representation-How are protagonists/leads and a?aextrasaa portrayed?? What roles do race, skin color, ethnicity, class, country, and gender play within the film? Keep in mind that these dynamics might not all be operating simultaneously within the film that youare examing. You should work to hone in on symbolism, and how itas being manipulated within the film to produce reactions, feelings, new understandings, within the viewers. For example, if you choose to write on a?aBorder townaa consider how Jennifer Lopezas appearance changes throughout the duration of the movie. What marks this shift, and why? What are various roles that women play within the film? And men? Howas the west represented? How is the Mexican performed? Whatas significant about this? Whata problematic? As you write, reflect around the a?asavage slotaa. For example, in Tambien la Lluviaaa howas this subject position re-inscribed? Howas power wielded and represented among the characters of the film?

Except the Analysis of a Scene this part (cuz you must need to analyze it), You donat need to go all of these instructions(Contextualization,Media Systems,Political Economy/Industry,Representation)just pick one and focus on it and analyzed it.

In addition, you need to find minimum of two scholarly articles or one scholarly article one documentary to analyze your paper.

The resource page cant count in the context page, its additional page. It need to be exact 5 pages!