Omparative Media system:Latin America and the Caribbean Assignment

Instruction:You will strive to provide a concise overview of the article or chapter,addressing the main theme(s) at hand. More than a mere summary,this assignment requires that each person do outside research to deepen our understanding of some aspect of the reading. you need to find another scholarly topic related to the main article.

Individual: what you choose to research is your own choice, but it should be discussed with your teammate. Here is example of various routes each member might take in his or her individual research:If you present on the article by Falicov,Hollywood in Latin America you might offer an historical overview of the countries considered in the article, as related to local film, the influence of the West on local film industry, and whats unique about Mexico and Argentinas contributions.What questions does your research raise? what are the broader implications of these questions. Introduce these to the audience. Finding what you want to research on your own maybe the most challenging component of the assignment. After reading the article, discuss in unison the different ideas you have.

MEdia:your presentation should introduce some form of media.This maybe in the form of slides, footage,music. Please deconstruct your media for the class. For example, if you show a clip fromY tu mama Tambien make sure you offer context as well as break down for us how the footage links to the readings, and why its provocative.

Creative: You have poetic freedom here.Find an expressive way to connect-via visuals, via performance? via music, via sharing your own experience?? via group activity/exercise, via taste of the countrys cuisine or beverages-coffee? Tequila?…etc

Linking:Strive to make connections b/w the reading. How is resistance functioning?? Does cultural imperialism have a role in the articles theme?? What about media imperialism?? Can you locate examples of symbolic annihilation?? How con you bring these to the fore visually??

Engaging: During the presentation you should be addressing/asking what questions this article and your research raises as it relates to media systems in Latin america and the Caribbean. If presenters are inclined, they should feel free to field questions during the presentation. However, time is limited. You dont want to get off track.

Ill upload the main article, please must read it all. After you read the main article, you need to find other scholarly sources to related the main articles. and combine it together. Ill provide the outline format, and it just have 3 pages. Please add to the 4 pages.and the formats word count exclude in the number of pages. For example, the outline format word counts already 500 words, you must need to add 1000 words on it. If you have any problems, pls let me know.