Omparative of two countries police agencies. Italy and Austrailia

Obtain the following information for the two countries assigned in class:
1. Name of country
2. Capital city of country
3. Population of the country (most recent)
4. Type of government
5. Major religions
6. Language/s spoken in country
7. Type and number of minority population, if any
PART II (33 Points)
For your countries assigned in class: obtain the following additional information, to be listed under separate headings:
a. Types of police and number of officers in each agency
b. Rank structure within the police agency/agencies
c. Length of basic training for police officers
d. Major crime statistics for the country selected
e. Political scandals or problems in the countrys government
f. Number of prisons or correctional institutions (by type)
g. Rank structure for correctional officers
h. Incarceration rate (usually #/100,000 people of population) and number of persons incarcerated
i. Use of death penalty-number per year and method
j. Identify and discuss one or more significant challenges to the countrys CJ system
k. Identify any terrorist groups or organizations active in the country selected*

*Must include information on recent (within past 6 months to a year or so) terrorist attacks/incidents within the country and the extent to which the group is active outside of the country. Could also be the reverse, with the group being external to the country but having a presence or subgroup in the country assigned.
If you are unable to find information for at least nine categories involving one country, you may apply some of the categories to your other country. Each category must be utilized as a HEADING and information obtained for that category must follow the heading. If you obtain the information from the Internet, you MUST list the http addresses (URL) for each document/web page you use for a particular category after you list the information for that category.
The project will be further discussed in class and more specific instructions regarding the type of information to be given for each category will be provided. If you are unable to understand any of these instructions, it is your responsibility to check with the professor for further clarification at the beginning of the semester (do not wait until the end of the semester). Students absent during the time country assignments are passed out are responsible for emailing the professor for their country assignment. All websites/pages used to obtain information must be listed for each category.
ESSAY (120 points):
All students must write a 8-10 page essay (in addition to the 1-2 pages Parts I and II will take) discussing and/or exploring two or more of the following categories:
1. Differences between the foreign country and the US as they pertain to the categories of information obtained in part II
2. Aspects of the foreign countrys CJ system that could be adopted here in the U.S.
3. Reasons for the structure or particular function or malfunction of the foreign CJ system or its components. (Cultural, historical, political and other influences)
4. Similarities of the system here with the CJ system in any of other countries assigned
5. General differences in treatment of juveniles compared to U.S.
6. Differences between treatment of females and males in the foreign CJ system.
· All sources of information must be properly cited within the essay and in a works cited page at the end of the paper.
· The essays must be double spaced with normal margins and font no greater than 12pt Times New Roman.
· Use APA Citation format for citations. Use of at least 4 sources  at least 2 Library (not Internet and not the textbook) must be used and put in a Works Cited page (not one of the 8-10 pages).
· Copies of title page of books and articles MUST be included with paper
· The total assignment will be usually 10-12 pages.