Omparative Paper: Qur anic and Biblical Depictions of Noah (Nuh)

Read carefully the following passages related to Noah in the Qur an and Bible. Biblical passages include Genesis 5:29-9:28, and Qur anic passages include Suras 7:59-64; 11:25-49; 36:41-47; 54:9-17; and 71:1-28. After reading the two narratives, choose one episode or aspect of these stories and compare and contrast the Qur anic and Biblical narratives.

In researching and writing your paper, think about the following questions:
1) What are the similarities and differences between the two narratives?
2) What do you think is the significance of these similarities and/or differences? What message is each text trying to convey?
3) What similarity and/or difference is most striking to you? Why?

Helpful Hints:
1) Write an outline of your paper. Make sure that you have an introductory paragraph, a clear thesis, evidence supporting your thesis, and a conclusion that summarizes your thesis.
2) State your thesis up front (no later than the bottom of the first page). You don t have space for a lengthy introduction and background. You need to get to the point quickly.
3) Be sure you have an arguable thesis. In other words, your thesis should not be,  There are many similarities and differences in the depictions of Adam in the Bible and Qur an. Rather, you should make a statement that you will be defending throughout the rest of the paper, citing evidence from the texts to prove your point.
4) Be sure to include a title, ideally one that reflects your thesis argument.
5) Be sure to proofread your work.
6) Don t wait until the last minute great ideas form over time.
7) I am interested in your ideas, not those of other people. Do not consult reference works.

Citation suggestions:
You do not need to use footnotes for this paper. For the Qur an, just write (Q 11:35). For the Bible, just write (Genesis 7:9). You should, however, include a Works Cited page at the end citing which editions of the Bible and Qur an you used.